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Repair Services


'Melbourne Guitar Repair' service, repair, setup and modify all stringed instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles and resonator guitars.


Your instrument may need something done that isn't listed below so please don't hesitate to call Jeb and ask for a free assessment and quote.

We'd like to add that with a basic setup we don't just re-string your instrument and make the necessary adjustments. We also properly stretch in your strings so your instrument is performance ready. We give you an electronics clean, we fully check over your whole instrument for any loose nuts & screws and anything else that might cause unwanted vibrations. We clean & condition your fretboard, bring your frets to a high polish as well as clean & polish the instruments body including it's hardware.

And if you find you need any post adjustments to your instrument shortly after collecting from us, just bring it back in for a "free tweak."

bone nut, guitar setup, fret dress, guitar soldering
  • Basic setups

  • Fret dresses

  • Refrets (including stainless steel)

  • Bone nuts & saddles

  • Pickup installations (electric & acoustic)

  • Custom wiring

  • Body repairs

  • Broken headstock repairs

  • Bridge repairs