Brunswick, Melbourne.


We are still operating. As developments arise we will continue to add to the precautionary measures already in place across our operations to help ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.

As well as sanitizing our hands, workbenches and tools regularly our current measures are:

• All booking inquiries via online or phone (we're by appointment)

• Receive your repair dockets and receipts via email

• Drop off and collection whilst ensuring "safe distancing"
• Contactless payments

Feel free to contact us to make a booking.

Kind regards

Jeb Cardwell

"'s an amazing feeling  playing your favourite instrument when it's performing at it's  best. A great set-up can make all the difference in the world...."


"He's done it again. Brilliant job on my Gibson J-45 acoustic. It 

has been around the world and on about 130 flights this year,

so got knocked around a bit, but is singing like the sweetest bird now,

thanks Jeb Cardwell."


- Jordie Lane

"Hey Jeb, thanks for the great setup work on a few of my electric guitars mate - they're playing better than ever! "


- Jeff Lang


"I wish Jeb Cardwell would come and work for me"


- Steve Salvi from 'Salvi's Fine Guitars'  -     Adelaide, S.A.